Nettstringsco now stocking Prince/Ektelon Pickleball paddles for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. 

“Nettstringsco has been very successful in selling and promoting the Twistpower racquet series from Prince.  Selling over 400 Twistpower racquets surpassed all expectations.

The overall shape and twisted throat are revolutionary in the tennis industry.  The racquet provides exceptional stability and vibration dampening because of this great feature.

We have found the Prince Twistpower has a unique ability to appeal to a variety of customer levels. Very competent players remark about the supreme touch, feel and swing through, while intermediate players love the power and spin.

We know the Prince Twistpower series can compete with any other manufacturer's high-end racquets. Having three different versions makes it easy to find the perfect Twistpower racquet for everyone.

It is truly a unique playing and affordable racquet for anyone interested in improving their game.

When customers ask to demo racquets from any manufacturer, we always encourage them to try a Twistpower also.  Once they try this outstanding racquet and compare it to the other demos they are trying, many end up buying one.

The Prince Twistpower series is certainly one that all dealers and shops should carry.  The Prince Twistpower playability and comfort is second to none”.


Don Nett


We are very thrilled to announce the NEW 2023 Babolat Pure Aero! The NEW Aero Collection will start launching AUGUST 25th! We have built an entire range of products around the NEW BLAST graphic and racquet color (we are back to a fluro yellow; no more mustard). The gloss finish looks absolutely incredible and will be HOME RUN for the next 3 years!



The 2023 Pure Aero (10.6oz) now offers a tighter/more optimized string pattern (we are going back to the old 2013 Aero Pro Drive pattern – skip @ 8…our most popular Aero ever made). The Aeromodular frame will also integrate NEW NF2 TECH - FLAX technology (a natural fiber filtration, for optimum feel).

*NEW FLAX inserts, wrapped at strategic locations in the frame, create optimal shock absorption and fine-tuned sound quality for an exceptional playing experience.

Prince in Stock

Prince new Vortex Racquet

Review by our 4.0 tester:

I tested the Prince Twistpower X100 over the weekend – thank you very much Don. It was a real pleasure to play with it for an hour and a half even in windy weather. Then the next day I went out and served a bucket of balls. The racket looks beautiful – I know it’s not the most important thing, but this is what you see first. It is black, matte and the labeling is not overwhelming but rather very modest and not in your face. You do not feel that you’re a playing advertisement for Prince. I am playing now with Babolat Pure Aero. I’ve been playing with it for over five years and have been very happy. I always try to demo new racquets. So far, I’ve been returning them and staying with my Babolat. But this racket is very good, and I will be switching to it. I feel that when I hit the ball it’s like a sharp knife going through the stick of butter. I was switching back-and-forth between Prince and Babolat during my play, and every time I really enjoyed the new Prince. It was very easy on the arm. I had more control, especially over my drop shots. All around it is a better stick then my Babolat. I did not test volleys as much as I would like to but I’m sure the racket will not disappoint. It was amazing that I had very good control even though the weather was very windy. Good racket Prince, I am sure I will be happy with it for the next five years.

This is the comment by Don:

After selling the Twist power X100 for the past 3 weeks or so here is the general review from my customers ranging from 2.0 to 4.5. This racquet is extremely stable with very little twisting at impact. Has surprising power even though rated at 880. Most customers thought the spin and power were definitely a great feature. Seems to appeal to a number of different levels, have had very competent players remark about the outstanding feel and control with very little noticeable vibration. The weight seems perfect, 11.0 oz. strung. Had many compliments on the graphics as classy and a bit of a  throwback. One good friend of mine said it was too pretty to play with and should be hung on the wall. This racquet seems to be able to compete with the best frames out there from Babolat, Wilson or Head. All my demos are strung with Prince polyester hybrids which seems to accentuate the best features of this frame. All in all this appears to be a very easy frame to play with for most players with surprisingly good power, touch, feel, vibration dampening and good resistance to torsional twisting.

Fans of oversized racquets should love this update to Babolat’s Pure Drive 107. At around 10.7 ounces strung, this racquet is suitable for rising beginners, but it should also appeal to the intermediate player who wants something light and powerful. This racquet also features a slightly extended length (27.2″), which supplies a little extra momentum for adding some pop to your shots. For the 2018 edition, Babolat adds a more head light balance, making this a faster, more explosive feeling racquet (think easier power and spin). This update features FSI Power Technology, which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing for a nice boost in power and spin. This model also gets a revised Cortexdampening system, which features a specialized rubber to soften the feel at impact. Like the 2015 version it replaces, the Pure Drive 107 combines a generous sweetspot with decent stability, making it feel a tad more arm-friendly than the average Pure Drive. From the baseline, a medium length stroke provides good depth, with big power available on full swings. The Pure Drive 107 also has an open 16×19 string pattern, which supplies the required bite for bringing the ball down sharply with spin. The forgiving headsize and speedy feel make this a very user-friendly racquet at net. Block volleys feel solid, and there is no struggle required to execute deep, piercing replies. Finally, the slightly extended length provides a subtle but noticeable boost in power on serves. All in all, thw 2018 Pure Drive 107 is well-suited to beginner and intermediate players looking for a powerful and maneuverable racquet that does not skimp on comfort.

Prince updates the Warrior 100 with a new name and better feel. This racquet is endorsed by John Isner and it’s called the Beast 100. Like the Warrior 100, the Beast 100 packs a seductive combination of power, precision and spin.  At 11.2 ounces strung, this stick is not only mobile enough for intermediates, but it also has just enough stabiliy and plow-through for the more advanced player. The Beast 100 features the second generation of Textreme. In addition to increasing stability, this material technology is updated with Twaron, an aramid fiber designed to dampen the feel and improve the sound of ball impact. On groundstrokes, the  Beast 100  feels a tad firmer and more precise than the O3 Beast 100. Full swings deliver impressive power, and the open 16×19 string pattern supplies the needed bite for bringing the ball down sharply with spin. It’s also fast and whippy enough for cranking winners on the run. At net the Beast 100 offers quick handling, making it easy for you to react quickly to incoming heat or pounce when opportunity knocks. Aggressive servers will find enough power and spin to force weak replies, and the speedy feel definitely helps on service returns where this stick comes around fast to deliver easy targeting. Ultimately, the Beast 100, with its crisp and spin-friendly precision, is a great option for intermediate and advanced players looking to play aggressive tennis. 

Prince has evolved their most popular tennis shoe to make it lighter and faster-feeling than ever before! A new lightweight breathable mesh upper is softer and more comfortable while welded foot straps provide added lateral stability for aggressive movements. Prince’s signature Shock Eraser midsole technology gives you cushioning under foot for all day comfort, and the durable rubber outsole continues to be backed by a six month durability guarantee. Revisit this classic shoe that’s now even better suited for the modern game!